Shipping & Delivery

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Dog Treats

We ship our dog treats all over the UK by Royal Mail.  

The cost of delivery is £2.90 for any size order up to a value of £30. The more bags of pet treats you buy, the better value the cost of delivery. We charge you exactly what Royal Mail charge, and we don’t make any money from delivery costs.

Orders over £30 are delivered free.  

We also offer free local delivery. If you are in the Ilkeston area and would like us to drop your dog treat order off to you, we’d be delighted to do so. This is free within 6 miles, and charged at 40p per mile thereafter. We really do love meeting our customers in person, and also their dogs and you are welcome to collect your order from our market stall. We stand Ilkeston market on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border every Saturday.

Dog Cakes

Our cakes are not intended for nationwide delivery, but it is possible if you absolutely want us to. We put a huge amount of effort into the delicate decoration of our doggy birthday cakes, and we’d like you and your dog to see the cake looking as good as it did when it left us. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully we pack them, how many fragile stickers, “this way up please” and “DOGGY CAKE ENCLOSED!” labels we attach, Royal Mail and courier firms just can’t seem to deliver them without some sort of damage to the decoration. 

For this reason, our dog cakes are intended for local collection or delivery only. We can deliver free of charge within a six mile radius of Ilkeston, or you can collect from our Ilkeston market stall every Saturday.

If you really would like us to deliver elsewhere in the country, then we can do so. However, it is on the understanding that the cake decoration is very fragile and is liable to be damaged in transit. We use Special Delivery, which gives it the best chance of being treated with care. However, the £20 delivery charge reflects both the cost of sending a sizable parcel by Special Delivery, and the considerable time and effort taken in packing the doggy cake.