About Us

AniBake Chief Tester Colin RIP 18.12.04 - 09.07.18 sadly missed

In the beginning

After much research a need for an alternative and fresh way to treat our pets was identified, and in May 2015 AniBake was born. Inspiration taken from Lucy's border collie Colin led to the development of a unique and somewhat tasty range of handmade treats which meant an end to store brought products, many of which would cause upset stomachs and skin irritations. Beginning with selling these to friends the business soon grew taking us to events across Derbyshire.

AniBake Apprentice Tester Maurice

What came next

The family also grew when in June 2015 Maurice became the newest member and Apprentice Tester. We also were proud to gain the approval of a highly respected local vet, giving us the seal of approval meaning customers could have even more confidence in what we do.

AniBake Apprentice Tester Stanley

Where are we now?

Many of our customers already know, and have been a great support to us, that on 9th July 2018 Colin (aged 13.5) became too poorly and we had to make that heart breaking decision to say goodbye and let him be in no more pain. This has been the most difficult period but we take strength from how much he loved the treats and cakes and will continue to move forward and bring you more goodies.

 Life at home was not the same without the big fella, and after much thinking and debating Stanley joined the family late July 2018 and is now training to become a tester too. 

"The team"

AniBake the team